Monday, January 10, 2005

my head hurt so much that i fell asleep last night
and hallucinated the following:
high above the ground nowhere around here, i was flying
when i spotted something small and squiggly on the ground
i guess i had pretty good eyesight because the thing i spied was a vole
(not to be confused with a mole, the vole is smaller and blinder)
so anyway, he or she was gesturing to me
with the universal signal to land
(small waving of arms and pointing)
so i obliged and the vole said this to me:
hey stupid, i was talking to the crow behind you
you’re not even a bird
i was insulted and tried giving the vole the finger -
but i noticed that i didn't have any
i woke up checking my hands for fingers



da mountain said...

I'd love to get inside your head for just
an hour or 2 - pretty trippy dream there Sonja

sonja said...

ha! you and 5 psychiatrists!
you wouldn't have any luck anyway -
unless you had DIY lock picks!