Sunday, January 30, 2005


in the graveyard of discordance
nightmares align themselves intuitively
with silent camouflaged warnings
which can be seen only
when the moon is a quarter
in a 3AM sky -
they come out and dance then;
a death knell dance
on his weary back
and he falls to one knee
collapsing from the weight of them
grazing the sharpness
of the dream’s surface
as he wakes spent, bloody


da mountain said...

when the moon is a quarter
in a 3AM sky
I love that! Unsettling piece that sounds like it came right from a dream diary. Do you keep one of those?


Q.Rock639 said...

Thanks for the comments. EPMD huh? Hmmm...I'll have to work on a Eric and Parrish post now.
Anyway, this piece is f'ing wild. I won't pretend to know what/who your talking about, but it's great!
see ya around...

sonja said...

billy, i used to keep a dream journal
but then insomnia hit hard
and i was awake most of the night
so, no need...

can't wait for the epmd post, Q
and to tell you the truth
i didn't really 'get'
this dream either
so you're not alone! :)